At Control & Electric, we take the safety of our staff, our clients and those around us seriously. We don’t just adhere to the relevant Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations, Codes of Practice, Standards and Guidance Material, we also take responsibility to ensure that all our team are aware of and contribute to our safety procedures through regular safety and specialist training.

On-site or off, our team of professionals proudly implement WHS systems as part of Control & Electric’s commitment to both clients, employees & the general public.


Our Managers and employees hold a range of WHS certification including; OHS Manager & Supervisors Certification, First Aid, Asbestos Awareness, EWP – Scissor, Boom, Vertical & Trailer Lift Operation, Manual Handling and  Height Safety. Our thorough and continuous approach to WHS means that our clients can be certain that all work conducted by the Control & Electric team is done in strict accordance with WHS practices. You can also be confident that our experienced and qualified team have the skills and tools to effectively and safely deal with unexpected situations should they occur.

Below: Company WHS Training