Energy Monitoring and Analytics Services

Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Control & Electric use SkySpark analytics as an essential tool to help manage the data from our BMS and metering systems and to optimise the operation and energy efficiency of our customers’ buildings. We have a dedicated team of engineers specifically focused on delivering this specialty service to our customers which goes hand-in-hand with our BMS technical capabilities. Our BMS service technicians are able to respond efficiently to issues identified by SkySpark, in order to minimise the possible impact from sub-optimal plant operation. We offer SkySpark as either a hosted service on our own servers, or as a stand-alone on-premise installation, to suit customer requirements.

sample_sparksAnalytic rules and identified ‘sparks’

Energy Monitoring Services

Control & Electric provide Energy Monitoring Services to the region via the SIEMENS Energy Monitoring & Controlling (EMC) system, as a solution to help our customers’ to meet their energy management and reporting commitments. EMC is a web-based software solution that provides our clients with access to their buildings’ energy data at any time from any location. A portfolio approach allows customers to monitor numerous sites and buildings from the one location, utilising automatic readings via the BMS and automatic scheduled reports. EMC integrates directly with the SIEMENS BMS to provide comprehensive trending and monitoring of all connected meters. This approach allows the BMS to utilize the energy data where applicable for building control strategies. In response to the growing demand for energy reporting and management services, Control and Electric have a full-time engineer, David McCook, providing dedicated support for our customers’ energy reporting and building tuning requirements. David brings with him over twenty five years of building services experience, with the last ten years focused on building energy efficiency. David is also an accredited assessor with the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) and Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) programmes. Control and Electric are able to combine our specialist HVAC control skills with the integrated energy data provided by EMC, to go beyond monitoring and reporting and proactively modify control strategies in order to optimise a building’s performance and achieve real savings for the building owner. It is our belief that this combination of integrated energy monitoring and building control services provides the building owner with the most cost effective method of implementing future facility improvement measures. EMC Website